Meet The Pemberton Homes Team

A house is not a commodity. It's a place where memories are made. Where family celebrations are held. Where your psyche takes refuge at the end of a long day. Your house is not just a house. It's your home. If you've ever sold a house with another Realtor®, you'll soon recognize the difference in working with The Pemberton Homes Team. And if you've never sold a house before, you'll be pleasantly surprised. The Pemberton Homes Team does more than orchestrate the sale of your home. They get to know you and your home and all the details that make it valuable.

It's this attention to detail that separates The Pemberton Homes Team from the rest of the pack. The Pemberton Homes Team is committed to knowing as much as possible about your home. Throughout the process, they will keep you informed of how buyers are reacting to your home, as well as to any factors that may affect the sale of your home. The Pemberton Homes Team knows what buyers are looking for, and they will counsel you on how to present your home so as to get the best possible offer. But the process doesn't end with an offer. The Pemberton Homes Team will follow through and successfully negotiate the closing of your home. With over sixty awards and $700+ million in sales, it's what they do best.

Nicole Junker, REALTOR®

Nicole Junker REALTOR®

Andrew Morgan, REALTOR®

Andrew Morgan REALTOR®

Ryan Rodriguez, REALTOR®

Ryan Rodriguez REALTOR®

Blake Pemberton, REALTOR®

Blake Pemberton REALTOR®

Mychael Schilmoeller, REALTOR®

Mychael Schilmoeller REALTOR®

Liz Rein, Executive Assistant

Liz Rein Executive Assistant

Jean Blackmer, Marketing Director

Jean Blackmer Marketing Director

Kristin Williams, Transaction Coordinator

Kristin Williams Transaction Coordinator

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