Jean Blackmer, Executive Assistant, Graphic Design

Jean Blackmer Executive Assistant, Graphic Design

About Jean

I have a deep background in design, publishing, event planning and project management, which means I’m used to deadlines, direction changes and multitasking. I thrive in a creative environment that fosters collaboration and hard work and I’m glad to be part of the the Pemberton Homes Team, which does just that.

I’ve spent much of my work life as a designer, letting my creativity work on magazines, digital media, books, advertising and more. I’ve also done many, many freelance projects for businesses, nonprofits and government entities. When someone needed a designer/production manager/art director/marketing/all-around take-over person, they called on me.

I now turn those skills to a wide variety of projects with the Pemberton Homes Team, in a field I have a particular personal interest in—my TV remote almost moves to HGTV by itself!

With my unique sense of style, my calm under pressure and my sense of humor, I help keep our team at ease and motivated—which means everyone can do their best for the most important people around here: the clients.

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